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Why Me?

I have been selling for over 30 years.

For the last 15 years, I have been the owner of Sam's Fine Linen.
I believe that people want sincerity, honesty and integrity.
Having pulled selling apart I have found, at its centre, important values such as authenticity and perseverance.

What is my point of difference?
What is makes me successful?

I dare to be different
I love the interaction

I am confident
I value my customers
I believe in having an open mind

Face to face sales a timeless art

By participating in my sales workshop your team will:


  • Increase sales 

  • increase individual confidence 

  • learn how to close sales 

  • Learn how to generate enthusiasm for their product 

  • Learn how to communicate clearly and authentically 

  • Be better organised

  • Make rejection their friend  


During this programme, you will have the opportunity to reflect on each point.


The programme  takes 1 hour with question time


I can entirely customise it to your team


​So please contact me, lets have a conversation

Why Now?

My experience has led me to develop “Face to Face Selling: A Timeless Art” programme. It is designed to give your team 10 challenges that go to the very heart of selling.

Everyday I implement these challenges into my sales practice and they have made me successful.


  • If your team lacks determination

  • If you feel that your team should be earning a lot more money than they are now

  • If your team needs to freshen up or even reinvent your message               


Let's connect

​I am looking forward to meeting you


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Sales trainer and coach

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