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A speech is presented to inform, inspire, persuade or educate.

How would you like your audience to be on the edge of their seats and when they leave, take action as a result of your speech.


Whether you need one on one training or your team leader would prefer a group workshop, this program, stagecraft is designed to:

  • Arm you with strategies to bring your presentation to life

  • Help you use the stage more effectively 

  • Help you with the power of sharing your stories 

  • How to verbalise more effectively 

  • When and where to move on the stage

  • Inspire your audience to take action 

Why Me?

I understand the importance of:

My audience not just being spectators but being part of my presentations

Having a number of delivery devices at my disposal

Using the whole stage both verbally and physically

Being really clear with my message and being able to deliver it

Having world-class training that has helped me to help you

I am passionate about presenting and I want to pass my enthusiasm onto you

Why Now?

Now, more than ever audiences want to experience:


A dynamic delivery

A clear message

A personal story

A memorable event

A presentation where all their senses are engaged

Everything in this programme I have experienced and still am experiencing every day. As well as working with small groups, I also offer one on one presentation training. 
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Sales trainer and coach

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